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Georgie: Personal Trainer with a range of fitness services and classes to suit all levels.

After a fall that left her with severe back pain, Georgina discovered Pilates for rehab and injury prevention. Inspired by her own recovery she qualified as a Level 4 Personal Trainer and Pilates teacher through UCD. A keen open water swimmer and lover of all kinds of endurance and extreme sports, Georgina is always on for a challenge, not just for the body, but also for the mind! “I love to see clients recognise the movement of their bodies in space and for them to discover how capable they are. I believe that strengthening the body and mind have a direct impact on a person’s overall happiness.”

I have a real passion for health and fitness. Not only do my clients achieve exceptional results, but they also find the work outs really enjoyable and fun!

Strong to the core

Increase flexibility and build deep core strength with Georgie’s Pilates classes. Georgie will teach you essential Pilates techniques to help lengthen and strengthen your body from the core. Georgie’s workouts are designed to make sure that your body doesn’t plateau, by creating the most varied exercise sessions that she can.

Online Classes

Discover Georgina’s enthusiasm for fitness with her dynamic and challenging classes.  Georgina modifies her exercises to each individual’s needs and empowers her clients to achieve their fitness goals. Fitness enthusiasts will love the flexibility and convenience of online workouts.

Personal Training

Sometimes you need some extra motivation, or a little more guidance, if you aren’t seeing the results that you’d have hoped for. Whether you want to change your shape, get fit for a special occasion or reinvigorate your lifestyle, personal training with Georgie will steer you on to the road to success.

For me personal training isn’t just about exercise, I also take a holistic approach and consider everything that could affect your body. In order to achieve peak fitness and enjoy robust health, the ‘holistic’ approach attempts to improve all of the sub-systems i.e. it is a more whole, balanced approach that addresses the musculoskeletal, digestive, immune, hormonal, nervous, cardiovascular and the detoxification systems of the body. Every variable is considered to ensure that your body is running like a well-oiled machine. Age, weight, height, fat percentage, stress levels, calories consumed and burned – even your sleep pattern is considered to get great results!

Corporate Wellness

Help support your staff working from home and in the office

With mental and physical health being so important in the workplace, corporate wellness is an investment into a happier, more productive workforce with a healthy lifestyle. Exercise is medicine. Healthy employees who exercise regularly and manage stress in a positive way tend to be more productive, less stressed and require fewer sick days. Help encourage a positive attitude, boost motivation and improve the health of your team when working from home or in the office with Georgie’s Corporate Wellness programme. Fitness is a tool that can be used to create healthy physical habits for your employees that will leave a huge positive impact on every other area of their lives.

Simple 15-30 minute sessions can increase metabolism that will help achieve an ideal body weight, reduce heart disease, strengthen the immune system, reduce stress and increase energy levels and mental sharpness. Fitness programs can boost self-confidence, happiness and add years to life.

Energise your employees and create a healthier workforce with Georgie’s corporate training services.

Fitness & Nutrition

Get the most from your workouts – Get the best from your nutrition

To help support energy and stimulate muscle growth and repair, Georgie’s nutrition advice along with her personalised exercise plan can have such positive gains on clients and helps them to avoid the impact of negative lifestyle choices.


Get Fit from your own home or workplace.

Level: Moderate Class Type: Virtual - Zoom Class

Online Strength & Conditioning Class – Monday Evening

Duration: 45 min

Schedule: Day: Mon | Time: 19.00

Price: 10

Level: Moderate Class Type: Virtual - Zoom Class

Online Stretch and Flow Pilates – Midday Class

Duration: 45 min

Schedule: Day: Tues | Time: 12.45

Price: 10

Level: Hard Class Type: Virtual - Zoom Class

Online Kettlebell Workout – Morning

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Duration: 30 min

Schedule: Day: Wed | Time: 06.30

Price: 10

Level: Moderate Class Type: Virtual - Zoom Class

Online Strength & Conditioning Class – Thursday Evening

Duration: 45 min

Schedule: Day: Thur | Time: 20.00

Price: 10

Reliable & Trusted fitness expert

Everybody is Welcome

Whether you're new to fitness or simply new to Hyphen Fitness, you'll feel right at home. Georgie will get to know you quickly, and you’ll soon start recognising faces and names of others in class. Your workouts will feel like much more than fitness in no time.

Find Your Strongest Self

Movement is medicine and the benefits of Georgie’s workouts extend to everyday activities from carrying groceries to overcoming challenges at work. Her classes will leave you feeling stronger and more resilient in both body and mind.

Hyphen Fitness has Got Your Back

Don’t worry if the movements are new to you! Georgie will teach you to move safely and support you every step of the way. Personalised attention and movement modifications are provided to ensure you're doing what's best for your body.

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